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Why is good writing so important to the PR profession?


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I have been lamenting on Facebook that my certified pre-owned, fully optioned Buick Park Avenue recently needed $2,000 worth of repairs.

No, I did not wreck it. This was for normal maintenance items, like brake pads and an intake manifold leak.

Facebook friends shared their recent car repair stories, and it seems that many of us have had high bills.

But, the consensus is that it beats car payments.

I love to joke about my “certified pre-owned” car. It had low mileage when I bought it, but here is the kicker: even though “pre-owned”, it cost as much as the first house I purchased back in 1973.

And it was a nice house, too — three bedrooms, two baths, big yard, in a nice neighborhood.  Too funny.

Or, too sad.

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