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Educators (including me) are beginning to be concerned over what “growing up digital” is doing to Millennial Generation students’ interpersonal, or face-to-face, communication skills and abilities.

Though sophisticated technology users, when measured by traditional developmental milestones, some view Millennials as less mature than
previous generations. According to research by Pardue and Morgan in 2008, Millennials often have difficulty communicating through traditional channels and do not like to read or write, all elements that will be required in a workplace that has four generational cohorts toiling away side by side.

My major research interest focuses on that aspect of Millennials and their relationship with Web 2.0 technologies – I seek to learn what exactly is the influence of Web 2.0 technologies on Millennials’ interpersonal communication skills and abilities?

If educators in communication/public relations are to effectively prepare Millennial undergraduates for successful careers, then Millennials’ interpersonal skills and abilities need attention, too.


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