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Happy birthday, More With Les

My humble blog is now five years old.

I began my blogging journey with a post entitled, “Why this blog? Why me? Why now?” It was a rambling justification for why I joined the blogosphere. When I wrote that, I had no idea of how important this vehicle would become to me over the years.

Over the years? Yes, five years today, to be exact. Times flies.

Looking back, I believe it was a good decision to become a blogger. I try to capture why I do this in the widget, “Why is Les Potter blogging?” In keeping with that statement of purpose, I have learned  a great deal from this blog and have made many new friends I would not have otherwise. That has proven to be one of the greatest satisfactions from blogging.

Another aspect of my career for which I am eternally grateful is the many invitations I have had to speak at workshops, conferences, meetings, and seminars. I tried to calculate how many people I have spoken to as a conference presenter over the life of my career. I lost count at upwards of 15,000. My blog’s site stats say I have had 113,001 visitors. That proves that blogs can have incredible reach.

But the most important thing about a blog is what you have to say. I am not the most prolific blogger out there, nor do I wish to be. I post when I have something meaningful and heartfelt to say, not to meet some arbitrary quota. I try to concentrate on Strategic Communication/Public Relations and Integrated Marketing Communication. But, I also like to talk about personal and topical issues, so I include the category of Life in General. The human condition is quite compelling, and it deserves comment from time to time.

Thank you for reading More With Les.


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