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That’s the good news reported by The Washington Post today. And on the front page above the fold, no less.

Towson ranks on an exclusive list of 11 institutions of higher education where graduation rates for minority students meet or exceed those of whites, according to the Education Trust, a Washington-based think tank that studies racial and ethnic achievement gaps.

Good for Towson. Amid heightened attention to graduation rates, Towson has a growing national reputation for not having a gap in graduation rates among whites and underrepresented minorities. Towson’s graduation rate is 67 percent for white and black students and 70 percent for Hispanics. Overall, Towson’s graduation rate is 65 percent.

Nearly two-thirds of U.S. colleges and universities have graduation rates less than 50 percent for blacks and a similar rate for Hispanics. Towson has about 17,500 undergraduates. About 12 percent are black and three percent Hispanic.


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