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I heard a snippet on the news this morning about a Georgetown University student who is advertising for a personal assistant. Seems his college life is too demanding, and he needs help, so much so that he is willing to pay for it.


College life is supposed to be demanding. It is a special time in life in which you learn and grow and become an adult. College helps prepare a person to live an independent, productive, and responsible life.

At least that is the way it is supposed to be. Perhaps the guy who needs a personal assistant in college just needs to go home to his mommy.

During the college years, a person should learn to handle the responsibilities of daily living. This includes the mundane chores, like feeding yourself, cleaning up, washing clothes, paying bills, and in general, taking care of day-to-day business. Doing these things yourself builds your skills and abilities to take care of yourself for the rest of your life.

The primary reason for the college experience  is learning career skills that will prepare you to work productively. Chances are you will not stay in the same job or the same career for all of your work life, but you attend college to study and prepare to do something that will at least get you started.

None of these things can be a proper learning experience if delegated to paid help. College is a time to grow up. You can’t pay someone to do that for you.


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Bon mots from Web 3.0

The Skype chat feature is to email messages as Twitter is to blogging. I am losing my ability to write long passages.

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