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Here’s a valuable lesson in editing and proofreading for my public relations writing students.  Nine product lots of Sudafed 24-hour, extended-release tablets are being recalled because of a typographical error in the directions section on the label.

Over 660,000 Sudafed packages are affected because the directions for use contain a double negative.  The directions repeat the word “not,” so the directions incorrectly read, “do not not divide, crush, chew, or dissolve the tablet.”

So much for proofreading. Someone, or many people, missed this error, costing the company lots of money, time, and effort, plus adversely affecting the company’s image. It proves that even the smallest detail of any writing assignment matters.


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I have been hooked on the Cooking Channel lately. I was watching tonight as the Channel promoted future productions. Shown were short snippets of hosts talking about cooking in promotion of their upcoming shows.

Film editors should have taken more time when editing one person’s short promo. On air, she said, “if it smells like my grandparents, then I know I got it right.”

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t touch any food item that smelled like my grandparents.

There are reminders everywhere to proof read and edit before publishing.

Now, who’s hungry?

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