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Nike’s new Air Jordan basketball shoes went on sale today, causing riots around the country among would-be purchasers.  Seems some folks will do anything to be the first to wear the latest cultural statement.

Riots, all over bloody sneakers!

The frenzy over the $180-plus Air Jordan 11 Retro Concords seems to exemplify so much of what troubles us today. It’s Christmas Eve Eve, and rather  than peace and joy, some people are getting all worked up over a new shoe.

Obviously, I do not get it.

To be fair, I realize that to some people, a new fashion statement like this shoe may be really important. I think that is so sad.

The reason for the season is love, peace, and joy, a renewal of hope for a troubled world.

This is a time for fellowship and good will toward all people. Who cares how cool your shoes are.


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