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Writing skill is the fundamental core competency of the communication/public relations professional. Why? What will you do to improve your PR writing style and ability once you graduate?


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You have heard me talk a great deal about my Communication/PR colleagues and friends who I consider to be true professionals. What does being a Communication/PR professional mean to you? How do you become a true professional in Communication/PR?

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What is your greatest personal challenge as a public relations writer? How will you deal with this challenge?

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I am tired of people writing and saying:

  • “reach out to” when they mean “contact” or “communicate with”
  • “based off of” when they mean “based on”
  • “alongside” when they mean “with”
  • and “myself” instead of “me”

One more:  interjecting the adverb “so” into everyday speech all too frequently. For example, “You are so going to regret posting this.”

I am also tired of hearing working groups referred to as the “gang of (insert number)”.

How about you? What words and phrases drive you crazy?

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Now that you have had this Public Relations Writing course, what will you do going forward to continually improve your writing skills and abilities?

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Why is good writing so important to the PR profession?

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I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

For spring semester PR Writing students’ last assignment, I gave them a job posting and instructed them to write a business letter applying for the job.  Here is a collection of memorable lines from some of the letters:

“What makes me stand out from the other applicants is that I have spent nearly five years in a manger [sic]…”

Here’s another:

“This position requires someone containing [sic] the ability to write compelling, accurate…”

And another:

“…which has given me the experience to understand and comply [sic] my knowledge…”

And here is one complete sentence as written from a letter:

“Mr. Potter a public relations course I was recently enrolled in.”

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