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I have arrived at geezerhood. It happened so quickly. It just sort of sneaked up on me. But now, here I am.

How do I know? I registered for Medicare today.

That’s the great American rite of passage for hitting 65 years of age. You must register for Medicare. Now, I am officially a senior citizen.

That sucks out loud! Senior citizen indeed. My mind is little more senior than when I was 17 years old. And while that is a problem in itself and a topic for another day, I simply do not feel 65 years old. I am not even sure I know what 65 should feel like.

However, the fact is inescapable; I am aging. I frequently read references to “aging Baby Boomers”. Well, guess who that now describes?

I should have known that geezerhood was imminent. There were telltale signs all along the way, for example:

  • I teach at a university, and each year, I seem to be older, but the students all stay the same age. It isn’t fair! Why should youth be wasted on young people?
  • I get asked about senior citizen discounts all too frequently.
  • Technology becomes more baffling every day. Oh, I have computers, a smart phone, and even an iPad, plus I tweet, blog, use Facebook, and LinkedIn. But that does not mean I am tech savvy, just marginally so and slipping daily.
  • And perhaps most telling of all, I drive a Buick. And an older Buick at that, a 2004 vintage land yacht. When I am tooling around in my certified pre-owned, fully optioned Buck Park Avenue, I notice that all the other Buick drivers are geezers (or geezerettes) too.  And I mean all of them. Shaq and Peyton may pitched the “new Buick”, but only geezers drive what I drive. If there is an official GeezerMobile, then an old Buick is it.

And now I am enrolled in Medicare. I guess I should gas up the GeezerMobile and check out assisted living facilities.

No, not yet. Truthfully, aging really does not bother me. I am happy to have gotten this old. There were times and incidents in my life that foreshadowed a much earlier demise. I came terribly close twice. But I survived and prevailed. I have made more than my share of mistakes along the way, but I always tried to learn from them and do better.

And what more can you want out of life, other than to survive and prevail, to learn and grow, to evolve?

John Prine said, “An old man sleeps with his conscience at night, while a young boy sleeps with his dreams.”

Fact is, I still have dreams. Maybe I am not so old after all.


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