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I have been down now for some time. I can’t really say why, other than the usual suspects — work, personal issues, things I want to do and can’t, things I need to do and don’t want to. You know, just the typical things that bring any of us down.

So why don’t I stay down?

I think I have the answer. I have thought long and hard about why I always seem to bounce back. No matter how down and depressed I get, I always seem to work myself out of it. I think the answer lies in an aspect of sailboat design, the ballast-to-displacement ratio.

Cruising sailboats have ballast, extra weight placed low in their keels, to provide stability and help keep them upright with the heavy load of tall sails they carry. They also have displacement, that is, the weight of water displaced by a boat which is equal to the weight of the boat.

My favorite sailboat designs, the early Island Packet cutters, had B/D ratios as high as 46 in some models. That means that if a rogue wave knocks one of these boats down, then it will right itself rather handily.

I think I must have a high B/D ratio. I always seem to right myself when I get knocked down. For my ballast, I draw from a very deep well of philosophical and spiritual truth.

A high B/D ratio is great for an ocean-crossing yacht, but it seems to be a worthwhile concept in a person, too.


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