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Now that he has earned more winter Olympic medals (7) than any other American, it is time for speedskater Apolo Anton Ohno to think about his next steps career-wise. I have a suggestion.

At age 27, he’s done about all he can with short-track speed skating. But there is more to his talents than going in circles really fast on ice. Remember, he won Dancing With the Stars

On the Likert Scale of cool, Apolo is about a 15.

So what’s left? There is one answer that is incredibly obvious to the question of what Apolo should do next — Olympic figure skating.

Think about it: he can already skate. And he proved he can dance on DWTS. He’s in great physical shape to compete on the ice in figure skating, and he looks great in costumes as we saw in his DTWS performances.  It is a no-brainer.

And if he could persuade his DWTS partner Julianne Hough, now an award-winning country singer, to leave her singing career for four years, they could be ready for a gold medal shot at the next winter Olympics.

I can promise you this: if he were to team up Julianne for Olympic figure skating, the team would have a fan base larger than anyone could imagine. I’ll bet they would win the gold, too.


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Nothing could get me more in the mood to watch the opening ceremony of the winter olympics  than the two-to-three-feet of snow that remain in my yard. 

I love the winter olympics. I have been eagerly anticipating this olympics because it takes place in a city and a country I like very much, Vancouver, B.C., Canada.  Reflecting on the opening ceremony, I am happy for my many Canadian friends that the hard work and excellent planning of so many of their countrymen paid off so well.  The opening ceremony was riveting. The Canadians made it look as easy as 1 2 3 4.

Despite the accidental death of Georgian athlete Nodar Kumaritashvili, the show went on. Olympic officials handled the tragedy with grace and sensitivity.

Olympic opening ceremonies seem to have become weirder and weirder over the years, but not so with this one. It was beautiful and moving and gave a wonderfully educational tribute to the host country. It was especially meaningful to me, for the first “foreign” country I visited on business as a communication practitioner was Canada, many, many decades ago. I have been to all parts of this beautiful country, and I am blessed with very many friends all across Canada.

The beautiful red and white of Canada’s maple leaf flag is always exciting to see. I have a huge Canadian flag that was given to me by a long-time friend from Toronto. It is one of the most striking of all country symbols. But in the end, it is my many Canadian friends that I treasure most.

I have the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) to thank for this. It was an IABC board meeting and international conference that took me to Canada on my first trip outside the U.S. so long ago. I loved it. I have been back more times than I can count, mostly on IABC business. And now I look forward to IABC’s World Conference which is being held in Toronto in June 2010. It will be good to be back. The Toronto chapter of IABC is the association’s largest. The chapter will doubtless host an excellent conference.

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