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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is spending $250 million of his own money to buy the official house organ of the Democrat party.

Yes , “house organ”, a pejorative, old-fashioned term that fits the Washington Post perfectly.

One can’t help but wonder if this is a shrewd move to gain Washington access. What better way to get a seat at the table of the powerful in Washington, D.C. than to own the Washington Post, which has not made a profit in years. The darling of the glitterati, the Post has devolved into little more than a house organ for all things Democrat.

But power is power, and Bezos, reported to be a Libertarian, will have a pretty nice entry into the halls of power in Washington.

The Post is just one of a long list of failed newspapers. Perhaps Bezos’ purchase will transform the business model in new and sustainable ways. Let’s hope so. A viable press is necessary to sustaining democracy.

Maybe Bezos can mitigate the Post’s shameless partisanship that is skewed so totally toward the Democrat party. A good first move would be to fire ┬áthat hack “cartoonist” Tom Toles, whose 1940s images and obvious hatred for Republicans shows up in almost every cartoon he draws.

Journalism is supposed to be unbiased in reporting the news. The Washington Post gave up on that a long time ago. The result? It has become a moral and financial failure. I wish Jeff Bezos, a true entrepreneurial genius, great success in restoring it to some sort of ethical journalistic standard.


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