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It’s Christmas on Facebook,

And what holiday joys!

Seems all my friends’ dogs

got new Christmas toys.

There’s pic after pic of their frolic and playing.

Bores me to tears, but no offense,

I’m just sayin’.


It’s Christmas on iPads,

And I’m doing much reading.

Seems cheap ebooks full of typos

was just what I was needing.

Who proofreads these things?

No one it seems,

But expensive paper books exist only in my dreams.


It’s Christmas in the blogosphere,

And on a keyboard I’m writing

about holiday social media.

Who can keep fighting?

Pen and paper are relics of a long-distant past,

But you gotta admit, social media’s sure fast.


It’s Christmas on Twitter,

and holiday messages are short.

Only 140 characters,

and there’s no quick retort!


Who thought I’d miss the Christmas chain letter?

But is cold social media really any better?

You got the joy of throwing those letters on the fire,

But an iPad’s too expensive to add to the pyre.


You can’t fight Web 2.o,  so why not join in?

To miss all this fun would be a great sin.

Then you, too, can tweet, blog, text, and send cheer,

Merry Christmas to all,

and Happy New Year!


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