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Today’s college students are reputed to be well-versed in the use of social media. Do you think that heavy use of social media helps or hurts your ability to communicate in writing and face to face with important people you will encounter in the work place, such as authority figures like employers and colleagues, who are older than you?


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I am tired of people writing and saying:

  • “reach out to” when they mean “contact” or “communicate with”
  • “based off of” when they mean “based on”
  • “alongside” when they mean “with”
  • and “myself” instead of “me”

One more:  interjecting the adverb “so” into everyday speech all too frequently. For example, “You are so going to regret posting this.”

I am also tired of hearing working groups referred to as the “gang of (insert number)”.

How about you? What words and phrases drive you crazy?

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