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After writing the sailing post below, I was a bit drained emotionally. But my spirits soon lifted with the visit of two students.

I was asked to dinner by a current student who wanted to share her good news with me personally. She had just been offered a great job with a top PR firm. Even though she is still a senior with a few more classes to take, she was heavily recruited and hired now for her formidable skills, especially in the word of mouth social media area.

I knew something like this would happen to this student. She was tops in my classes. She never missed a class. She always read her material and came prepared to discuss it. She writes on par with seasoned professionals. She is a leader in our student professional association chapter. She can always be counted on to get the job done on time with a high degree of professionalism.

The other visit was from a student who graduated about two years ago. She is working for a large non-profit organization in a major city. She came to see me to talk strategy about a promotion she has been offered. She wanted to discuss the pros and cons of the deal and to plan how she would handle the upcoming negotiations. Nice problem to have this day and time.

This student has the same characteristics of the other. She excelled in my classes and could always be counted on to do work above and beyond what was required. She also participated in our student professional association chapter. She has turned what was an entry level job into a much more professional and responsible position, and for her efforts, she is being considered for a promotion to a job with much greater responsibility.

Both students also had successful internships which gave them hands-on experience while in college.

These exemplary women make me so proud that they are my students. It is an honor to work with them, and it is especially pleasing to be friends and professional colleagues after graduation. While they are generous in crediting me with helping them, I did little but allow them to learn and grow into the success stories they are. It touches my heart and keeps me going.


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